Subscription - Your Support and Updates lifeline

Nearly 80% of InventorCAM customers renew their subscription each year to maximize their software investment and engineering productivity.

I love getting Service Packs from SolidCAM, I love the fact that they will tweak minor details, make slight improvements in the software, and can add an incremental capability or an incremental increase in ease of use. So just the fact that the company would output 4 Service Packs during the year, that you can download for free on subscription, they install very easily and very quickly and then nothing changes on the surface of the program but the usability gets better...

Ferra Designs - Curtis Babre

Reasons to stay on subscription:

  • New features and functionality added, based on feedback from the user community
  • Performance improvements delivered with each new version
  • Additional enhancements to improve continuous user experience and speed
  • Previous version support with critical issue resolution
  • Avoid compatibility issues with Inventor revisions

InventorCAM Subscription pays for itself

Subscription Benefit

Est. Avg. Usage

Estimated Value

Online and VAR technical support

2 hours of tech support per month ($100/hr)

$200 * 12 = $2,400

Speed and productivity

 2 additional hours of productivity per month ($150/hr)

$300 * 12 = $3,600

Enhanced compatibility

Save 2 Engineering hours per month

$300 * 12 = $3,600

Machine Down Time, while spending time figuring out a complex issue, instead of calling support.

Saves 3 hours of Machine 
Down Time per Month