The Moldmakers One-Stop Solution

Today the manufacturing of complex molds is an absolutely high-tech business. Errors can be extremely expensive and so are the most CAD/CAM packages which are targeted to the mold&die industry.
InventorCAM is the affordable CAD/CAM solution which offers powerful 3 to 5 axis Milling technoloy, advanced High Speed Machining strategies, great 2D and 3D Rest-material and many other features that make you more productive in your everyday jobs.
Mold making is not just about those large complex cavities needed to create large automotive panels. Apart from a large number of electrodes and 3D surfaces to manufacture, molds also do contain many drills, pockets, profiles and other 2.5D features where InventorCAM strengths come into additional play. The combination of efficient 2.5D Milling and advanced 3 to 5-axis machining capabilities make InventorCAM the perfect tool for any mold & die shop.