Great iMachining Benefits

Get the best results ever from your CNC machines. Get iMachining!

  • Cycle times reduced by 70% and more..
    • Patented “Controlled Step Over” for constant tool load - no overloading of the tool!
    • Unique Morphing spirals toolpath
    • Uses more Spiral cuts to increase the Material Removal Rate
    • Machine deeper, at the fastest fully optimized Feeds and Speeds
    • Exact stock material machining - eliminates air cutting and unnecessary tool retracts
    • Smooth, tangent toolpaths
  • Dramatically longer tool life
  • Supports Rest-material and Finish cuts
  • Unique Technology Wizard, with automatic, optimal Feeds and Speeds
  • Reduced programming time
  • Best user interface
  • Shortest Learning Curve

"The wait for iMachining was worth it. I quoted a job to have about 9.5 hours of machine time, but with iMachining we can cut that time in half. At the end of the day that is more money for the shop."

David Ramsey

Southern Machine, USA

Unbelievable iMachining!

InventorCAM & iMachining Info-Booklet