iMachining 3D - Utilizing proven iMachining 2D and Technology-Wizard algorithms for amazing 3D Milling

  • iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, regularly providing 70% savings in machining time, and can reach up to 90% savings.
  • iMachining 3D is an Automatic High speed milling optimal-CNC-program generator for Roughing, Rest Machining and Semi-finishing of both prismatic and surfaced, general shaped 3D parts.
  • iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions, to rough and rest rough a complete 3D part, with True Scallop on all slopes, all in a single operation.
  • iMachining 3D uses target and updated stock geometry to automatically recognize areas it needs to machine, taking into consideration previous operations.
  • The optimal cutting conditions are achieved by the expert Knowledge based Technology Wizard of iMachining.
  • With its full-depth step-down, intelligent step-up and smart positioning, iMachining 3D achieves the shortest optimal cycle time for roughing and semi-finish of molds, complex 3D parts and and 3D prismatic parts. iMachining 3D can save up to 90% in machining time.
  • iMachining 3D, combined with HSM Finish, provides a complete machining solution for 3D parts.

Customers rave about patented iMachining:


iMachining 3D: Full Automatic 3D - with all the proven iMachining 2D benefits

  • Quick solid geometry selection – just “Pick & Go”
  • Unmatched roughing of 3D surfaced and prismatic parts
  • Optimized machining of each Z-Step, using proven iMachining 2D technology
  • Deep roughing utilizes the whole length of the flute,  shortening cycle time and increasing tool life
  • Rest material machining in small upward steps, optimized for constant scallop height, further shortens cycle time
  • Intelligent localized machining and optimal ordering eliminates almost all long positioning moves and retracts, producing the shortest times in the industry
  • A dynamically updated 3D stock model eliminates all “air cutting”
  • iMachining 3D tool path is automatically adjusted to avoid contact between holder and updated stock at every stage. Without holder consideration, tools need to be long, while taking holder into account, tools can be short, stronger and cutting faster.
  • Step-up rest-rough can be done immediately after each step-down, for that step-down, leaving more room for tool holder avoidance.

...customer very excited with successful iMachining trial - 60% cycle time reduction and increase in tool life at first attempt."

...Chief programmer Igor: "I hope we get such results every day – we will have great savings in costs with iMachining 3D!!"

Amazing iMachining!

"We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixon Surgical - incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor workholding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters. The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies."

Jay Dixon

Dixons Surgical, UK

iMachining 3D cuts very fast and saves 75% against Competitor CAM, on Makino CNC machine