InventorCAM's Indexial, Multi-Sided Machining - powerful and easy to use!


A common scene in any machine shop today, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines are increasing production, providing faster cycle times.

InventorCAM's approach to supporting these CNC machines is to provide an effective and easy way to program on multiple sides of a part.

InventorCAM is exceptionally strong in indexial 4/5 axis machining.

Easiest Coordinate System Definition for Indexial 5-axes!

Tired of dealing with construction views, copying models, and rotating them in space for new alignments? Do you still copy and transform geometry to separate layers for indexial programming?

Experience single machine home position, with One-click orientations for indexed setups - InventorCAM speeds up multi-sided machining by eliminating multiple coordinate system constructions. Define a CoordSys on the fly, by just picking a face, and continue programming your part.

  • InventorCAM’s “select a face and machine” is the fastest approach to indexial programming
  • Our coordinate system manager keeps track of all necessary data for each tool orientation
  • Solid Verify simulation shows tool holders and fixtures, together with material removal for all machining operations



Efficient edit-free G-Code for Multi-axis machines

Being the end result of any CAM system, InventorCAM offers multiple options to get efficient gcode for multi axis machines.

InventorCAM's post processor can be setup to handle all rotations and work offset shifting, to eliminate the need for setting up multiple work offsets at the machine.

Whether your controller can calculate part rotations internally or it needs the post processor to handle rotations, InventorCAM has this covered.

For controllers with advanced plane rotation or coordinate rotation functions, InventorCAM’s post processors are built to use these internal CNC functions. If you have a machine without such functions, users can input the part location inside InventorCAM and the Gcode will handle all the gcode transformations for each rotation.

Our philosophy to indexial milling is simple: from the software to the Gcode, make the process the same for indexial milling as for single sided milling. The customer should not have to do any special functions or tricks inside the software to machine multi-sided parts- it should just work!


3+2 Axis Multi-Sided Machining