InventorCAM Customer Success Stories

InventorCAM is the industry standard for an Integrated CAM solution for Inventor due to its seamless integration, associativity, power and unmatched user interface's consistency and flow with Inventor
For an Inventor user, InventorCAM is a natural extension of Inventor to do high-level CNC programming. By using their existing knowledge of Inventor, the user can quickly, easily and efficiently be productive making tool path for his Inventor models.
When an Inventor model is modified, InventorCAM automatically synchronises all machining operations with the updated model.
InventorCAM provides a complete manufacturing solution. It supports advanced CAM intelligence including knowledge-bsed manufacturing processes and automatic feature recognition and machining.

Inventor + InventorCAM is the natural extension for Phoenix CAM

People often wonder what the secret is to running a successful company.  
In one company, Phoenix Machine in Columbia Falls, MT,, success is no secret.  “Give customers choices to get exactly what they want, when they want it, and with quality and performance that surpasses their expectations”,says Glen Harrison, founder and president of Phoenix Machine that manufactures bolt actions for custom rifle builders all over the world.  
Glen has a personal philosophy that enables him to deliver these customer-centric services that are the key to Phoenix Machine’s Success.  Glen’s personal philosophy is that, “anything can be improved upon”.  Glen explains, “We continually challenge ourselves to ensure our customers receive only our very best effort. They have our assurances that we have a deep commitment to excellence in design, process and manufacturing.”

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