Subscription - Your Support and Updates lifeline

Nearly 80% of InventorCAM customers renew their subscription each year to maximize their software investment and engineering productivity.

Reasons to stay on subscription:

  •  New features and functionality added, based on feedback from the user community
  •  Performance improvements delivered with each new version
  • Additional enhancements to improve continuous user experience and speed
  •  Previous version support with critical issue resolution 
  • Avoid compatibility issues with Inventor revisions 

InventorCAM Subscription pays for itself



Subscription Benefit 


Est. Avg. Usage 


Estimated Value 


Online and VAR technical support 


2 hours of tech support per month ($100/hr) 


$200 * 12 = $2,400 


Speed and productivity 


 2 additional hours of productivity per month ($150/hr) 


$300 * 12 = $3,600 


Enhanced compatibility 


Save 2 Engineering hours per month 


$300 * 12 = $3,600 

Machine Down Time, while spending time figuring out a complex issue, instead of calling support.

Saves 3 hours of Machine 
Down Time per Month