G-code Generation with InventorCAM: Quick. Easy. Reliable.

The quality of G-code a CAM system generates, is what really matters. Each InventorCAM post-processor is customized to the machinist's individual needs and generates ready-to-run CNC-programs, with no need for any manual editing.


InventorCAM supports all canned drill cycles and machine options of regular CNC-controllers. The possibility to generate subroutines inside the CNC-program creates short, efficient and well-structured G-code.


Another major benefit is that the machinist can easily understand the G-code generated by InventorCAM, since it has the same structure as G-code programmed manually on the CNC-controller. 

Ready-to-go CNC-Output

When the G-code is created in the post, there is no need for further editing, before it is sent directly to the CNC machine.

The InventorCAM program output is very efficient - if the same machining operation is performed several times, the commands are only recorded once in the output, thereby minimizing the program length.

Extensive Post processor data base

InventorCAM has a large library of post-processors for all CNC machines and controllers.

When you buy a new InventorCAM system, we will provide you with the needed posts for your machines from this library.

Post-proces­sors can be easily customized further by your InventorCAM reseller to fit your specific needs.