Finally, all the promises of a Revolution in CNC Machining are actually delivered with iMachining!

  • A real breakthrough in CNC Milling tool path technology that enables cutting 3 times and more..faster and deeper, by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed through the entire tool path. You can use your existing CNC milling machines to run faster and deeper, with even the smallest cutting tools, in the hardest materials. 
  • iMachining is the complete CNC machining intelligent system that, using its patented unique toolpath and Technology Wizard, adjusts automatically to material, geometry, cutters, and CNC machine tool capability, to lead the user through the entire operation, eliminating the trial and error approach (and potential broken cutters) of adjusting and optimizing parameters at the CNC machine.

Imagine putting the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CAM and CNC masters in the palm of your hand – Experience iMachining Wizard and Toolpath!

  • Connector Plate

    Stock: 150 x 100 mm, Height: 30 mm
    Material: 16MnCr5 (1.7131) Steel
    Min. Radius: 1.5 mm
    Chamfer on all edges
    Regular cutting time: 25 min
    iMachining time: 9:30 min
    Time Savings: 62%

  • Cooling Turbine

    Stock: Ø 90 mm x 22 mm
    Material: AlMgSi0.5
    Min. Radius: 2 mm
    Tool: Carbide, 3 flutes, Ø 4 mm
    Regular cutting time: 22 min
    iMachining time: 7:30 min
    Time Savings: 66%

Milling with iMachining

  • The cutting angle always slowly varies between a minimum and a maximum value and the feed is dynamically adjusted to ensure constant mechanical and thermal load on the tool
  • Technology Wizard automatically determines the optimal cutting conditions, taking account of the material, tool, geometry and machine properties.
  • Depending on the geometric layout of the cutting area, automatically creates morphed spiral or D-shaped toolpaths
  • Optimal rest material recognition eliminates air cuts

Every day we don't use iMachining we are losing money!"

With iMachining, even on low-performance machines, we can reach very high metal removal rates"

"We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixon Surgical - incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor workholding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters. The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies."

Jay Dixon

Dixons Surgical, UK

..were extremely impressed - they could not believe that such feeds and speeds are possible for such a machine!