Unique iMachining Technology Wizard

  • SolidCAM iMachining has the Exclusive patented iMachining Technology Wizard, that automatically calculates the cutting conditions for the iMachining toolpath.
  • The unique Technology Wizard, provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications
  • SolidCAM with iMachining is the only CAM system that takes out the guesswork from defining the cutting conditions and provides automatically the optimum values for cutting.



iMachining Wizard + iMachining toolpath = the ultimate solution!

  • The industry’s first and only true Wizard that automatically produces optimized Feeds, Speeds, Depth and Width of cuts
  • The iMachining Technology Wizard uses CNC machine, stock and tool material properties and machine specifications to compute optimal cutting conditions
  • Using the “Controlled Step Over” technology, the iMachining toolpath ensures that the cutting conditions set by the Wizard are strictly adhered to
  • The “iMachining Level Slider” lets the user choose from 8 selectable levels to automatically adjust for “real-world” fixture, tool holding and machine conditions. The “iMachining Level slider" makes it easy to overcome standard problems with spindle-rigidity, fixture-rigidity and excessive tool extension.



..I have yet to see a CAM program that has very good speeds and feeds built in with the possible exception of SolidCAM’s iMachining"

iMachining paid for itself within 2 months -..I really should not even recommend iMachining because then my competitors also get it,...but iMachining is just great"

original cycle time in Inconel was 1 hour 15 min - after iMachining we got his cycle down to 3 min 15 sec (96% saving!!!)