• InventorCAM for Education

    InventorCAM with iMachining is the most powerful CAM software in the machining industry today.

    With the InventorCAM Education version, you have the full power of the Industrial InventorCAM version, except that you cannot generate G-Code.

    You can program all your machining operations and see full solid verification and machine simulation of your machining process.

    It is the perfect tool for studying InventorCAM and Machining.

  • InventorCAM Professor Videos

    The InventorCAM Professor videos enable you to get up to speed in your InventorCAM skills, at the pace you define.

    You can find detailed Professor recordings on all functionality of the InventorCAM system.

    It is the best private tutor you can have!

  • InventorCAM Webinars

    We invite you to join one of our online InventorCAM webinars.

    During our webinar you can interact directly with the presenter and have all your questions answered.


  • InventorCAM Documentation

    Take benefit from our extensive InventorCAM documentation.

    We have documentation for all InventorCAM modules.

    You can find Getting started manuals and full training manuals.