iMachining: “Simply Amazing”

InventorCAM's revolutionary iMachining technology

  • Saves 70% or more in CNC machining time
  • Extends tool life dramatically
  • Provides, using its unique patented Technology Wizardoptimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications. 

iMachining provides unbelievable savings and increased efficiency in your milling CNC operations, translating into profits and success. All InventorCAM customers worldwide, who bought iMachining, are enjoying these immense savings!

iMachining from InventorCAM features ...

  • Increased Productivity due to shorter cycles - time savings 70% and more!
  • Dramatically Increased tool life
  • Unmatched hard material machining
  • Outstanding small tool performance
  • 4-axis and Mill-Turn iMachining
  • Automatic, optimal feeds and speeds
  • High programming productivity
  • Shortest learning curve in the Industry

Watch these recordings to get an introduction to iMachining.

A complete set of recordings for the iMachining training course.


  • iMachining 2D presentation

  • iMachining 3D presentation

"We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixon Surgical - incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor workholding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters. The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies."

Jay Dixon

Dixons Surgical, UK

Unbelievable iMachining!

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